HEAT AND CONTROL – Ishida Checkweighers, Ceia Metal Detectors, and Ishida X-Ray Systems serving the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and general industrial markets. Your complete weighing and inspection company.

WRABACON, Inc. – Designers and Manufacturers of Specialty Machinery. Providers of Conveyors, Accumulators, Merger, Diverters, Pick and Place, Transfer, Orient, Stack, Denest and Lid different types of products. Wrabacon can also provide complete system integration for a project if required.

Raytec Vision – A leading expert in optical sorting technology for the fruit, vegetable, confectionary, seafood and wine industries. Providing totally hygienic optical belt sorters and free fall sorters. Offering multiple width and capacity systems to meet all your sorting needs. Offering complete infeed shaker and advanced optical sorting systems from a worldwide manufacturer.

KoCos / INDEC – Leading developer and manufacturer of non-contact, 100% in-line vacuum inspection system for bottles, jars and cans. Providing vacuum/pressure monitoring and dud detecting systems for your packaging/machinery lines. The INDEC test device monitors containers, testing them for leaks and rejects containers with insufficient vacuum, cocked/tilted or missing caps.

Other Equipment:

Dynamic Packaging Solutions can also provide turn-key Integration services ranging from fillers, cappers, conveyors, accumulation systems, inspection equipment, cartoning, case packers, and other primary and secondary packaging/processing machinery.